Matteo Riondato

Head shot of Matteo Riondato
				by Andrea Podestà

Contact info


How to pronounce my name (muh-TAY-oh REE-awn-DAH-toh)

My GnuPG/PGP key (Key fingerprint: F0F3 1B43 035D 65B1 08E9 4D66 D8CA 78A5 1EC5 6BEC)

Silvio Riondato, my father

Ezio Riondato, my grandfather, also on Wikipedia: Ezio Riondato

CIT 317, my office at Brown CS

FreeBSD, a UNIX-like operating system. In my salad days, I used to be a FreeBSD src committer, and the maintainer of FreeSBIE, a FreeBSD LiveCD. I still run FreeBSD on my research machines.

Padua, my hometown in Italy